picture of me

Hi! I’m Jonas. This is me.

Wait, where is the technical image of me hunching over my computer working and producing matrix like code. Or images presenting all my tech devices such as MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Raspberry PI’s and servers. Well, let me write about my story.

I’ve built my career around technology. I’ve developed Microsoft C# application since my first job, and every job since. Both for desktop environments such as WPF and web application such as SPAs created with either Angular or VueJS. And even headless api’s in pure .NET Core Webapi. From a C# developer, I’ve transition into Security Champion and I am now practicing and preaching secure practices for whole developer teams.

At home I’m building a homelab of several Raspberry PI’s that I uses to learn new technologies and application that I then can take into my professional work life.

Ever heard about High Availability Kubernetes Cluster which uses GlusterFS to run a distributed cluster of storage between several cluster nodes? I’ve done that.

Are you familiar with running a hybrid cloud, where storage is encrypted and synced to the cloud, but exposed as a share to the local network? I’ve done that.

Are you interested in running web services behind a closed network, with a direct tunnel to Cloudflare so that no ports is open and exposed at my home network? I’ve done that.

Did you know that you should segment your home network so that your IoT devices can’t listen to your regular devices? I know, and I’ve done that.

Ok! Let us transition back to the poster image. That’s what’s interesting here, right? You know, there is more to me than tech and work. My favorite activities outside work is outside activities such as skiing, hiking and running. As a family man, most of my weekends are spent outside with my kids, where I give them the base for enjoying everything that the outside has to offer. It is such a joy watching them grow up, those moments are what I truly live for.