The Team

The team was co-located in Oslo and Bergen, while I was working from NHN in Trondheim.

The chosen process is Scrum, with a three week interval.

A daily standup was carried out each day, using communications software such as Skype and slack.


The assignment was to digitalize how doctors reported a death to FHI, who are interested in the cause leading up to the death. The current process was hand written by doctors on paper, and then sent by mail to interested parties such as FHI and the police department.

The result was a Angular SPA, with .NET Framework as a backend API. Data was persisted to a MS SQL Server database.

My Contribution

Together with two teams, one in Oslo, and one i Bergen, we built a new SPA, set up CI/CD and promoted those releases to the different running environments hosted by NHN.

Since I worked from NHN locations in Trondheim, and NHN was sole responsible for hosting this application, my contribution was central when we sat up production and test environments in co-operation with NHN.

As the project evolved during the years, other team members was transitioned to new assignments. I continued to work on the project until launch, when I was transferred to a new assignment at NHN.