The chosen process for Team Plattform is Scrum. Everyday there’s a daily standup, and for each sprint lasts for three weeks. There is artifacts such as planning and review.

The Project

The mission for this team is two-fold. First objective is to make it simple for external developers to consume services from NHN. This is done by creating a classic portal where all information about services is published with swagger documentation for the endpoints and combined with classic documentation for on-boarding.

The second objective is to ease transition for NHN to use Kubernetes cluster, and technologies such as GitOps, Linux and containerized applications. This objective focuses on internal resources.

My Contribution

My contribution is to help the team establish good security practices, and make their transition to kubernetes as fast as possible.

During my role I’ve participated in on-boarding of other teams at NHN, and held talks about how to start with kubernetes, what is kubernetes and how to transition each application to a containerized environment.

I’ve defined an educational course that will be held for developers to ease their transitions over to a new technology stack, with consists of linux, docker and kubernetes.